Generation Schools Core Values

Our Core Values

We have clearly defined our core values, which are honour, selfdiscipline, resilience, empathy, excellence, and courage, which serves as a powerful compass for individuals. They act as guiding principles that not only shape behaviour but also foster a sense of unity and purpose. These values provide a framework for decision-making, helping navigate challenges with integrity and determination.

Honour: At Generation Schools, honour is more than a rule; it is a commitment to integrity, honesty, and fairness, fostering a community founded on respect for oneself and others.

Self-Discipline: Generation Schools instills self-discipline as a core value, encouraging individuals to take personal responsibility, cultivate accountability, and develop habits contributing to long-term success.

Resilience: Resilience is championed at Generation Schools, viewing challenges as opportunities for personal and collective growth and nurturing a positive mindset.

Empathy: Empathy is a guiding principle, promoting a culture of compassion and inclusivity, where understanding others’ feelings and valuing diverse perspectives create a supportive community.

Excellence: Pursuing excellence defines Generation Schools, setting high standards in academics, character, and personal development, fostering continuous improvement and a culture of achievement.

Courage: Courage at Generation Schools extends beyond bravery; it is about embracing change, taking risks, and standing up for what is right, empowering individuals to navigate challenges with determination.

Information Morning Popup

Join us at Generation Schools Taroko, in Modderfontein Johannesburg, for a fun morning, with supervised care and a dedicated play zone for your children!

Event from 09:00 – 12:00
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