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In January 2020, Generation Sandown Institute opened its doors to students from the ages of 12 years to Exit.

The campus is situated adjacent to a beautiful wetland with a variety of resident wildlife and boasts a draw-bridge on to expansive sporting grounds that it shares with the Parklands Soccer Academy. The Sandown Institute is a boutique Middle and High School campus. 

“Stay tuned for some more exciting developments to come!”

Juan Kidd

Head of Generation Sandown Institute

My first appointment as a young educator was at one of the oldest public schools in South Africa with 150 years of rich traditions. After that, I had the privilege of spending 7 years at one of the most well-equipped and affluent private schools in the Western Cape, where I eventually became part of the school’s middle management and gained a wealth of experience.

My wife, who is a remedial therapist, and I are educationalists at heart. While our children were still young, we decided to gain a broader perspective and understanding of the educational challenges in South Africa. Hence, we moved to KwaZulu-Natal, where I headed up a school at one of the most incredible NGOs in South Africa for three years.

In my journey, I have seen the amazing potential of the youth in South Africa – from the most affluent children to the most underprivileged. It has been a very enriching but also heart-breaking experience. I have seen first-hand how the current education system can fail able children. Not only in under-resourced schools but also in the most affluent and well-equipped schools.

I am honoured to have been appointed as the Head of High School at the Generations Sandown Institute. Not only does the Sandown Institute have incredible facilities and excellent educators, but the real value and significance lie in the approach to education. Finally, I have found a school group that understands that education is not just one dimensional. The multi-age group classrooms and the multi curricular approach of Montessori in the Primary school, fundamentally changes everything we know about traditional education. From there the introduction into Cambridge Primary followed by Lower secondary, Upper secondary and Advanced – builds seamlessly on the students’ development. I believe the approach here at Generation Schools might just be the answer that many people, who are frustrated with the current education system, are looking for.

My wife, Nita, and our two daughters, Isabel and Emma, are looking forward to enriching ourselves in this unique approach to education and serving the Sandown and Sunningdale community.

SoccerOptional Winter Extra Mural Sport. (Term-2 & Term-3) Soccer at Sandown builds on skills that have been developed during the foundational phases of the game. Training for competition is a focus as players now play an 11 a side format of the game. Movement and technical skills are applied in-game scenarios as players learn a variety of game tactics and strategies.
NetballOptional Winter Extra Mural Sport. (Term-2 & Term-3)   Netball is played on a mixed surface at Sandown as players continue to apply the skills that they have learnt at a foundational age. Basic skills like throwing, catching and body positioning continue to be a focus. More technical plays and movements are introduced as players learn about game tactics and strategy.
HockeyOptional Winter Extra Mural Sport. (Term-2 & Term-3)   Hockey is played in a hockey fives format. Field size is smaller than a full-sized hockey turf which allows for a faster shorter format of the game. Foundational skills continue to be developed as these skills for a vital role in the fives format of the game. Skills like passing and stopping are applied in-game scenarios as the technical elements of the game are developed.
RugbyOptional Winter Extra Mural Sport. (Term-2 & Term-3)   Currently, the focus is on tag rugby and developing the basics of the sport. Coaches take players through the skills and techniques required for the game of rugby. Strength, conditioning and foundational skills are a large focus before moving any player into a contact environment. Skills are applied first in a tag rugby environment as players develop key positional and movement skills required for the game.
Cross CountryOptional All Year Extra Mural Sport. (Term-1,   Term-2 & Term-3 &  Term-4)   Cross country focuses on developing running techniques through a course around the school premises. Developing cardiovascular fitness and endurance are a focal point as students complete a circuit once a week before school.
HOPfitOptional All Year Extra Mural Sport. (Term-1,   Term-2 & Term-3 &  Term-4) HOPfit focuses on HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) sessions which provide students with a full-body workout in a fun group exercise format. Coaches take students through a series of exercises as they continue to develop body conditioning.
Krav MagaOptional All Year Extra Mural Sport. (Term-1,   Term-2 & Term-3 &  Term-4) Self Defence Training Organisation. Combative Martial Arts Our classes teach your child how to defend themselves in various situations. This ranges from anti psychological and physical bully-proofing techniques to techniques that could help your child get away from a potentially harmful situation. The skills that they are taught, allow them to practice responsible defence in a way that discourages violence. All classes are taught in a non-competitive, fun and safe environment that gives children the opportunity to enhance both their emotional and physical skills.
Outreach Club Optional All Year Extra Mural Sport. (Term-1,   Term-2 & Term-3 &  Term-4) Community Outreach The outreach club is aimed at providing opportunities for students to connect with the greater community. By planning fundraisers and volunteering at various community and NGO centres. Students will grow in awareness of who their community is and the role they play in it. This will ensure that the impact of Generation Schools students stretches far beyond the classroom walls.
Mindful MeOptional All Year Extra Mural Sport. (Term-1,   Term-2 & Term-3 &  Term-4) Mindfulness and Personal Development Mindful Me classes are a fun way to discover mindfulness while increasing emotional intelligence. With mindfulness practice students learn to destress, focus and increase academic performance. They will develop self worth, self control and self confidence. Mindful Me teaches teens to love and respect themselves and the world around them.


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Generation Sandown Institute

Generation Sandown Institute

Follow us as we give you an insight into our students' journey from schooling to profession.

During the holiday one of our students, Ezra Capouya, embarked on an adventure to Tokyo, Japan. He was immersed in intensive training with Japanese Goju-Kai students. Under the esteemed guidance of Masatoshi Yamaguchi Hanshi and Saiko-Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi, president of the International Karatedo Goju-Kai Association, they honed their skills and prepared for their grading. Ezra earned his black belt and certificate, successfully passing his Shodan grading.Congratulations, Ezra! 🥋🇯🇵 #KarateJourney #blackbelt #proudmoment #generationsandown #generationschools #GENspirit ... See MoreSee Less
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Generation Sandown Institute
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We are thrilled to announce that Dylan Buys will be representing Generation Sandown at the 56th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) 2024 in Saudi Arabia from July 21-30. This prestigious event brings together the brightest young minds from around the globe to showcase their exceptional talents in the field of chemistry. Dylan, your dedication and hard work have brought you to this incredible milestone, and we couldn't be prouder. We wish you all the best as you embark on this journey. May you shine brightly and achieve great success.Let's all join together in sending our warmest wishes and support to#IChO2024#ChemistryOlympiadr#proudmomentr#generationsandowni#generationschoolsi#GENspirit#GenSpirit ... See MoreSee Less
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Welcome back to our students for the first day of Term 3. On this chilly day, the laughter and joy of our students are bringing warmth and light to our school. Here's to an exciting and enriching term ahea#backtoschoolc#Term3T#schooldaysl#WarmHeartse#generationschoolsh#generationsandownn#GENspiritpirit ... See MoreSee Less
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