What is Junior to Giant?

A programme that bridges the theory of education with the reality of profession. A space where the future has a voice and a seat at the table to co-create a world that our “Juniors” understand and add value to. A world where our Juniors become Giants.

The program creates a framework to address the gaps in education so that students leave having had first-hand practical experience in different professions. Students apply and interview for a placement on the programme which includes enrichment workshops, masterclasses, board meetings as well as working in different areas of the organisation and or stakeholder opportunities. This done whilst under the guidance and mentorship of professionals and mentors. Once the 3-month process is completed the student would have accomplished a time of thorough application and training and would be ready to offer themselves for the position of intern in our organisation or in one of our external placements.

This is a Full-time programme and interns are based at The Bridge, Sandown Business Square; a co-shared office space that simulates a working environment that the interns can apply themselves.  The interns are required to be on duty from 07h30-16h30, Monday-Friday, unless arranged otherwise.



This programme addresses the gaps in education and focuses on addressing three areas of intelligence that facilitate success when applying oneself in the workplace –

IQ, Intelligent Quotient

  • Microsoft Excel mastery
  • Understanding the cycle of a business
  • Financial understanding on how the world works

EQ, Emotional Quotient

  • Conflict resolution
  • Time management
  • Mentorship

AQ, Adaptability Quotient

  • Real-world application in simulated environments
  • Ability to think fast and act
  • Problem solving and prioritising

Above are a few examples of the topics that are addressed!

Meet the team

Jevron Epstein


Sandra De Abreu

Programme Director

Malcolm Freeman

Senior Mentor

Student accountability and graduation

During the course of the programme we ask that the Interns document their learning and experience in order to create a portfolio of evidence that will be presented towards the end of the programme. If the intern is able to share sufficient evidence and data on their learnings and experience during the programme, they would be eligible to graduate. We close each programme with a graduation ceremony. 

Would you like to know more?

Students are welcome to apply and interview for a position in the Junior to Giant programme.

Please Note: There is a course fee. To apply, please fill in the form below or email


Do you know somebody that would love to be part of this programme that is not from Generation Schools community? We open up spaces for external candidates as well, so please contact us to apply!

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