Passionate about profession

A vital aspect within Generation Schools is our drive to bridge the gap between education and profession. How is this achieved?

Each term, our students are placed in various organisations to gain valuable on-the-job experience. The length of the placement varies; however, set goals and achievables are put in place to ensure that both our students and paired organisations receive the best outcome from their experience. 

Our goal with these placements is for the students to gain a broader understanding of how various businesses work while also gaining valuable networking time with respected professionals.


Successful business initiatives within our schools:

Last year, Generation Schools introduced a new and exciting subject called Thematics. Thematics encompasses many different subjects into a dynamic and multi-faceted approach. Students are encouraged to use collaboration and develop debating and research skills while touching on subjects like geography, art, creative expression, history, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and business.

We have also introduced Food for Thought (F4T). F4T is a business run by the staff of Generation Schools. The team has opened a barista stand where hot beverages and light breakfasts/lunches are sold daily to parents and staff. These stands are run by our students with the supervision of the staff. Our students are sent on a barista training course, thereby upskilling them as trained baristas and exposing them to the concept of running a business.

A business that facilitates the holistic needs of families requiring a space, food and conducive environment for children parties.

A business developed to meet the needs of our staff and learners that promotes healthy living by being active at school through a variety of functional exercise routines.

Similar to the televised programme, with the same name, is a platform for our learners to pitch ideas which are critiqued by a panel in the hope of further investment and mentorships to assist in the growth of successful ideas. This initiative has sparked businesses that include clothing, food and arts.

Generation Schools invested in a food truck to enable the vision of staff to serve their communities as well as the school in a multitude of ways that include sports days, healthy living campaigns such as our smoothie drive and fair-trade-market participation.

Our learners have rallied around good causes to assist communities and loved ones when needed such as Imizamo Yethu fires, MySchool Campaigns and various Non-Profit Organisation drives

Our learners have embarked on various work based training that have included Cambridge University Press, Takealot, Arch Retail Software, CodeSpace, Trematon Capital Investments Ltd, Ajax FC and many others.