How We Differ

How we differ:
Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Space

At Generation Schools, we aim to create an environment wherein students are able to freely choose their materials and workspace.

We foster an environment in which students are able to easily move in and out of their classroom space. We view the outside area as an extension of the classroom environment. Our students are encouraged to choose where they would like to work and on which piece of material (subject) at their specified time. This grants our students the independence to focus on their selected subject at a time which suits them best. We understand that while one student may comprehend a mathematics equation better in the morning, another may work better on mathematics in the afternoon. An individualised learning plan is created and followed by each learner to ensure that the students receive a holistic approach to their work.

As each child is seen as an individual, students are able to progress to the next phase when they are academically, socially and emotionally ready to do so. Generation Schools does not follow a ‘school year’ in the traditional understanding of the word. A student is able to extend his/her knowledge by selecting more advanced materials should he/she be ready to do so. It is important that each child has an individual learning plan which caters to his/her capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

How Generation Schools’ Vision Differ

At Generation Schools we do not test memory, but rather explore knowledge.

What makes us different

We understand that education is not just one dimension. It is multidimensional, with layers of not only academics but emotions and cultures as well. It is the amalgamation of concepts and ideas that form the basis of understanding and substantiation.

  • The curriculum is structured to enhance each child’s natural developmental patterns and talents in order to support the individual growth of each student.
  • Generation schools offer learning-rich environments equipped with multi-sensory materials, where knowledge is experienced as well as taught.
  • Curiosity and exploration are encouraged, and the love of learning is actively nurtured.
  • Children set their own learning pace in mixed-age groupings which enables them to learn from and help one another.
  • The provision of a vocationally focused education, where children are equipped with future employment capabilities, ranging from business and technology through to sports and the arts.
  • Generation introduces the Cambridge curriculum which offers IGCSE’s, AS, A and A2 levels, with an international matriculation so that students are able to study anywhere in the world.
  • As a multi-curricular school Generation also offers a vocational exit that focuses on themes as opposed to subjects – in line with the school’s promise of “one school, multiple exits”.

How Generation Schools’ Mission Differ

Generation Schools endeavours to inspire curiosity, fuel knowledge and invite experience. We aim to reach the child as an individual within the context of his/her community. Our goal is to create opportunity to grow independent and critical thinkers, who have not been given a limit to their learning.

Information Morning Popup

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